Monday, March 31, 2014

105 Degrees

Kamusta Everybody!
 It has been a really good and a really really hot week here in Lemery!
 We had a great Zone Conference on Wednesday where we learned much about the deeper meaning and doctrine of the Sacrament. Unfortunately our Mission President was really sick so he couldn't come but the AP's did a good job of explaining the workshop.  This past week Elder Johnson and I also went on exchanges with the AP's. It was fun and we learned a lot from them. They had a rough time trying to sleep in our apartment because they are used to the nice AC in the mission home, so our super hot and humid apartment wasn’t too comfortable.
 The best part of the week has been working with the members. We have a lot of branch missionaries who want to work with us and this past week we have really been working on coordinating with them before we go and teach. We have been giving them bigger parts of the lessons to share and they have been doing great! The spirit is always really strong when they teach and the investigators have been doing much better with their commitments. It’s also better because the members are natives and know how to speak the language perfectly. For example when I was with the AP Elder Malit we went to teach one investigator late at night and her kids were already asleep and Elder Malit tried to say “oh so they are already in the bed?” however he mixed up the word bed with toilet…Oops!  I guess that just goes to show that language study is always really important. 
 Other than that not much exciting is going on. Its 105 here right now so we are just trying to beat the heat. I hope everyone has a great week
  Kita Kits

   Elder Merrill

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