Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9, 2014 - Anti Itch Breath!

Kamusta Everybody,
 This past week has gone really fast. It seems like as I get longer into my mission time starts to speed up. 
  To start of the week I went on exchanges with elder Campos. Teaching with him went well and I enjoyed working with him. However I am not sure how much he enjoyed the exchange. Mostly because that morning when he went to brush his teeth he forgot his toothpaste. So he got what he thought was Colgate 10. however what it really was is Cortazone 10 cream! In a tube that looks a lot like a Colgate one. I felt bad for laughing so hard but after washing it out and using some real toothpaste he was fine and went the rest of the day with minty anti-itch breath! 
 I also went on exchanges with Elder Kaifoto. We had a good time together and found a lot of former investigators in his area. We also realized how different the culture is here. We couldn't find one house so we asked a little girl if the new the family. Turns out she is related to them. She told us her name (Rose Ann),how old she is (6), her parents names, and who in her family was home. Then she showed us where their house was and told us who else she new that lived nearby. Then for all of her help we bought her some candy from the Tindahan by her house. It wasn't until afterwards that we realized that in America that would never happen. Telling two strange men your name, how old you are, where you live, if your parents are home, then letting them buy you candy. Things sure are different here in the Philippines.
  We also had a great experience in finding several new investigators this week. One of our best investigators texted us and wanted us to come and teach her sister and brother in law, Jessa and James. They are both really interested and James has tons of questions. He was very hesitant to come to church but eventually agreed and they all came yesterday. At first he was only going to stay for sacrament meeting but then he wanted to stay for the whole 3 hours. During sunday school he had many questions about the Book of Mormon and said how he is excited to read it. 
 Other than that not much has happened here on Mindoro. On a happy side-note I found a random shop here that has some American goods. My companion though I had fallen off my bike because I stopped so fast when I saw that they had Old Spice deodorant and Reese's peanut better cups. One thing I have learned here is to Enjoy the Little Things. 
 Kita Kits
    Elder Merrill

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