Monday, March 24, 2014

Lemery Batangas

Kamusta Everybody,
 This past week has been a little crazy with lots of changes.
  On Monday night I went on exchanges with the zone leaders and then on Tuesday morning I got a call from the Mission President and he told me that he “had a different assignment” for me. I needed to go to Lemery Batangas and work with Elder Johnson. The missionaries that were temporally here from Tacloban went back to their mission so I had to fill one of their spots.
  So far things here have been pretty good. I miss the tropical island of Mindoro but the members in Batangas are all really kind and many are very well off so we have had lots of dinner appointments and all the members are willing to help us with anything that we  need.
 We have been teaching a lot of investigators and I am still trying to figure everybody’s names out. There is one guy in the ward who looks literally exactly like Manny Pacquaio; he’s also a professional boxer. Next week I will try and send a picture. The area here has a lot of history. It has the largest and oldest Catholic Church in all of Asia.  We are going to try and tour it next week. There are also a few castles and the place where the butterfly knife was invented is also in my area.
Other than that not much exciting has taken place. Just work, work, work that is the secret!
 Have a great week!
Kita Kits
  Elder Merrill

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