Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Police

Kamusta everybody,
                This past week has gone by very fast. It has been great because we have been able to find lots of new investigators. Most of the members in our group are very shy so they don’t give a lot of referrals. But this past week as we have gone to visit many of them at their houses and they have had friends over who have been very willing to listen to us.
                 One of our investigators, Sister Judith, is really progressing towards her baptism.  She has watched all of the parts of the Doctrine and Covenants DVDs and said that she wants to go on a mission to Salt Lake City after she becomes a member so that she can see the temple there. She has also been trying to help her older brother who is a less active to come back to church.
 We have also been hunting for the less actives that haven’t come to church in a very long time. It has been proving to be quite the challenge. Here in the Philippines there aren’t really very specific addresses. On their membership record it just says the barangay or neighborhood that they live in.  We have met lots of people while trying to find them though. One guy ran away from us when we went to ask him if he knew one of the members.I think he thought that we were the police. I also went one time to ask this lady if she knew another member but she turned out to be a he…oops :{ 
 Other than that not much exciting has happened this week. I have been learning a lot about the deeper meaning of the sacrament and have almost finished the book of Mormon for the 4th time during my mission. It has been one of my goals to finish it every 2 transfers.
 I hope everyone has a mabuti week.
  Kita kits
    Elder Merrill

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