Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Blow Dryer

Kamusta Everybody!
 This past week has gone really well! We have been finding a lot of success in our area and have a few people who should be ready for baptism in the coming weeks. 
 Two of our investigators Joy and Vilma have been really progressing. They have been reading and coming to church often. We have really been pushing with them praying with real sincerity and seeking to know the Book of Mormon is true. The only problem is that they are just really shy. They come to church every week but are afraid to come inside because they don’t want to talk to all the people.  They usually wait by the door then sit down after the hymn starts so we have been trying to find them some friends in the ward.
 On Friday we had out MLC conference and it was great. We learned a lot about how to talk to people on the street. Usually people say "hi we are missionaries from the ....." what we should say is "hello we are representatives of Jesus Christ”.
 One funny thing that has happened this past week is that we live really close to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses and so tons of them came up to our door. I offered to trade them a Book of Mormon for their pamphlet but they just walked away and decided that trying to speak to the American Representative of Christ wasn’t something they wanted to do. Hopefully they stop by again this week and I’ll try again!
 Other than that nothing exciting is going on here. It is just still super hot. We sleep with a fan blowing on us but considering that its 90 in our room every-night it’s essentially like sleeping with a huge blow dryer on you. 
  I hope everyone is doing well and has a mabuti lingo
   Kita Kits
     Elder Merrill

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