Monday, April 28, 2014

Manny Paquiao

Kamusta Everybody,

   This past week has gone by really fast!  We’ve been making progress with our investigators and it has been great. One of them, Lance, should be getting baptized on the 17th. Two others, Joy and Vilma, have really began to understand repentance so hopefully they should be getting baptized by the end of May. 
   Most of our branch missionaries were at youth conference this past week so we didn’t really have anybody to work with at first, but then we found out that one of the members, Brother Ronnie, wife and kids have been gone on vacation and he is all alone at home all day after work. He is  an RM so he has been coming with us to lessons all week. He is super funny. He speaks great English and always has a witty saying. He also told us about how his dad died;  when his dad was in his 70’s he got really bad cataracts and couldn't read and then when he turned 80 he got  surgery and could see  again! He went home and was super excited to read the Book of Mormon again but then when he started to read he got so excited and happy that he had a heart attack and died... 
  This week we also went tracting and saw two tricycles fly by because one man was working on the power cables on his roof and got electrocuted and fell of the roof and cracked his head on the road. Then at the same time another guy close by was in a knife fight and got stabbed to death…all sorts of crazy things are happening in our area. 
 We also saw Manny Paquiao at a store and invited him to come to church! He even came!!! It was great. PICTURE ATTACHED! 

 I Hope everyone is mabuti and has a good week
  Kita Kits
    Elder Merrill

(Just kidding about Manny was Brother Alfred who looks exactly like Manny and of course he came to church because he is already a member ;) 

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