Monday, August 4, 2014

Hastening the Work - Aug. 3, 2014

Kamusta Everybody!
 The work has been really good this past week!  We’ve really started to hasten the work here in Lemery by working better with the members. Our Branch President has been doing a great job of getting the members excited about doing missionary work. 
 One of the recent converts here, Lance, has been having trouble getting to church because it is far away and he has no money to pay for a tricycle. He had missed church for a few Sundays and the young men took notice. One of them gave Lance a bike and the Branch President gave him an old cell phone so he can know about activities and what time seminary is. Yesterday Lance came to church and bore a really powerful testimony! One thing I have really learned here is that it is almost impossible to be successful in missionary work without the excited and enthusiastic participation of the members.
 This past week I have also learned a lot from the talk “Only and Elder”, by Bruce R.  McConkie. The church and missionary work is really a family effort. If we all work together we can accomplish anything. Especially bringing back the less actives. I have also really liked looking at the talks on
 That’s about all for this week.

 Have a great week!
   Elder Merrill

For our Zone P-Day today we took some antique photos is a house build in the Spanish era here.

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