Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aug. 10, 2014

Kamusta Everybody!
This past week has been really busy. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Filipe, one of the new missionaries in our zone. His has only been out for 3 weeks but I was really impressed by how good he is at teaching. All of the things that he learned in the MTC he applied really well. I realized that it is always important to stick to the basics and to follow Preach my Gospel exactly.
Friday we had mission leader conference. President Mangum is starting to get a good idea of where the mission is at and gave us a lot of good ideas on how to help the missionaries improve. We talked a lot about how to build our faith in the Savior and then how to measure our effectiveness working with the members. One of the things that really impressed me was how closely Faith is tied to Obedience. The following day I went on exchanges with Elder Pererra and that was what we studied and talked about during the day. Both of us really tired to apply doing our very best and we both saw that we had a great day and really felt the Spirit. We talked about how when we rely on the Savior instead of ourselves we can accomplish great things.
 This week I am really excited for Sister Fe’s Baptism and wedding. Next week I will tell you all about it!

  Elder Merrill 

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