Monday, August 4, 2014

Joy and Vilma - July 13, 2014

Kamusta Everybody,

 This past week has been really good. We had a fun zone P- day where we hiked up to a waterfall in one of the areas in the zone. The only problem we had is that it started to rain really hard! It took about an hour to get back through a lot of mud but we all had a really good time. I was impressed with the attitude of the sisters in the zone..several of them slipped and got really muddy but they said it was one of the more fun Zone P-days they have had. Learning to laugh at yourself and having a good attitude makes all the difference in how much we enjoy things.

 On Friday we had a really good MLC. It was President Mangum’s first one and he shared with us a lot of good insights that he learned from the apostles at his training a few weeks ago. One change that we are starting to implement is teaching people lesson 5 in Preach my Gospel.  I think it will really help all of the converts here in the mission stay active and progress in the church. The lesson emphasizes the "determination to serve him to the end" that it talks about in D&C 20:37.

 Yesterday two of our investigators Joy and Vilma both were baptized. They have come a long way and it has been a testimony building experience for me as well as the members who have fellowshipped them. One of the branch missionaries who has befriended them gave a great talk about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I also realized during the service how perfect the Lords timing is. They were both supposed to be baptized about a month ago but weren't quite prepared. We were disappointed we had to push the date back. However, last Monday Joys husband arrived home from working in Saudi Arabia and was able to attend. He came to church as well and seems very interested in the church also becoming a member. Realizing that helped me to better understand that often seemingly setbacks are sometimes Heavenly Father helping us to achieve more. 

  Have a great week!

    Elder Merrill

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