Monday, August 4, 2014

Typhoon Glenda - July 20, 2014

Kamusta Everybody,

  This past Wednesday we got hit by Typhoon Glenda. It didn’t do too much damage but there were a lot of people who had parts of roofs ripped off and sadly our most recent convert, Sister Juvie, had major damage to her house and it was destroyed so we spent most of the week giving service and helping people fix up their homes. 

 The thing that has impressed me the most is peoples attitudes. Despite all the damage everyone seemed to be ok. After people got their own houses fixed up they went and helped out others and were all laughing having a good time with each other. I also was amazed how God will provide for us in unexpected ways. There was no power and most of the stores were closed, and the big mall was damaged but nobody was in need of food, because during the storm the fish farms got flooded so there has been tons of fish in the river. Usually tilapia is 100 pesos a kilo but this week it has been 15 to 30 pesos a kilo. 

 Despite the storm we were able to still have the baptism on Saturday of Sister Juvie, and her son Szander, as well as Sister Christina and he daughter Christine May. I feel like I have been privileged to be able to know each of them and to have been able to teach them. All of them really prepared themselves for baptism. Looking back there wasn’t any big concerns or issues. They were always reading with their families and grew really strong in their faith. 

I’ve attached some pictures of the baptism, Sister Juvie’s house and helping after the typhoon. 

 That’s about it for this week! I hope everyone has a great week.

  Elder Merrill

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