Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kamusta Everybody! 
 This past week hasn't had too much happen because my companion has been sick.  But it did finally stop raining!! 
My temporary companion and I have been doing pretty well as far a work goes. We have gotten a lot of referrals and so we've found several really great investigators.  There is one guy named Jun who is really progressing. He has a strong testimony and teaching lessons to him is great, he asks the perfect questions. His family is Catholic but he says that he just wants to do what God wants; and he feels that God wants him to join our church. 
 I also found out this week that in the Philippines Christmas starts in September.... which is insane. I used to complain in America when they would put up decorations after Halloween.  But on the bright side hopefully the members will invite us to Christmas dinners!
 Well that's about all for this week! Next week I'll write more! 
  Mahal Kita
   Elder Merrill

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