Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kamusta Everybody!
  This week has flown by! Time on your mission is weird, the days seem like they last a week and the weeks seem like they last a day.
 I have still been on splits this whole week because the Indian elders haven't received there visa's yet. My temporary companion, Elder Peck, is really nice and we get along well. There has been lots of flooding this week in the Philippines but my area hasn't been bad. It only flooded one day and was only up to our ankles.
 This past week we taught a lot of members of the ward and less actives. We received more referrals than I could have ever imagined so we and will go and contact them all this week.
 One funny thing that happened is that I decided we should go and meet with the Bishop to see what we can do to help the ward. We found out, unlike in America, that here there isn't much discretion about sharing information about people's problems and callings. Going into the meeting I just wanted to know what families we should visit but now I know what families to visit, who is having problems, who does a bad job at their calling, who is getting released soon. and who will be called soon. Much much more information than I needed or wanted to know but I think the bishop enjoyed sharing what was going on with the missionaries so we sat there and listened. 
  I also saw a really funny monkey that posed for the camera when I took his picture!
I hope everyone is doing great and i miss you all!
 Mahal Kita
    Elder Merrill

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