Monday, August 12, 2013

Fruits coming out of my eyeballs!

Kamusta Everybody!
  This past week has been great! We taught a few really good lessons and I have a few funny stories.
  We found one investigator who is great! His name is Roswell and we met him while he was playing basketball one day. He asked us if we had a Book of Mormon because the one he used to have he lost. We taught him a few lessons and he has been progressing really well. He reads an amazing amount every day, and during the last lesson he said that he was ready to go to church. He said "when I go to church, you will know that I really believe this stuff". I almost laughed because that is almost exactly what it teaches in Preach my Gospel. 
 We also have gone on exchanges a few times the past week because there are Elders whose companions have gone home that need somewhere to go while they wait for transfer day. There was one Elder from New Zealand who really helped me figure out how to study the language better. Next week we will have 2 elders from India stay with us for a few days while they wait for their visas. I am a little bit nervous because I have only been here a month and I will have to lead. The Indian elders also speak no Tagalog, so hopefully I can teach a majority of all the lessons coherently. We'll just have to see how it goes...
  I have also been learning that people here are very direct and don't really seem to think about what they say, but it’s kind of funny. I got a bit sunburned last Monday and my face was red. We got into a Jeepnee and right when I sat down the lady across from me said "why do you look like an apple?" She didn't mean to be rude; she just thought it was funny that I was so red. 
   Also this week we had a huge Gecko (Picture included!) in our apartment, usually the lizards a few inches long but this one was a good foot and a half! My companion hates lizards and when he saw it he screamed like a little girl! He made me chase the lizard out of the apartment while he waited upstairs. I needed Budgy here to chase it down.
   Answers to Questions: 
    I think that’s funny about the fair in Idaho Falls.  I haven't eaten any monkey and they definitely don’t sell them here on a stick for $2 but I have fruits coming out of my eyeballs. There is a lady in our ward who owns a farm. We went and helped her last week and she gave us a whole thing of bananas off of one of the trees.  (Picture included)!   
   Showering with the bucket is not very fun. It is cold and you have to keep your mouth closed while you wash your head. A sister 2 days ago got an amoebae that was very unpleasant. She is fine now but the doctors said she probably got it while showering. 
 Well that's about all for this week, I love and miss you all and hope everyone is doing great!
  Mahal Kita

     Elder Hayden Merrill

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