Monday, September 16, 2013

Witch Doctor

Kamusta Everybody,
 This past week has gone really well! We’ve had some of really good lessons with investigators. One lady named sister Wilma is amazing. She been reading the Book of Mormon and understands everything she reads. She wants us to teach her every day.  She also has no word of wisdom issues, she doesn't even drink coffee! 
 There is another family we are teaching the Layrente's  who are really interested in our message. They all came to church and said they had a great experience. The crazy thing is that the father is 60, the wife is 38, and then their kids are 21,19,12,6, and 2... but they want to get baptized so I suppose huge age gaps don't matter!  
  We went to contact a referral we had received, from a member, the other day and so once we found him, we taught a short lesson. At first it seemed like it was going well but about halfway through the lesson the old man we were teaching started to tell us really weird stories about visions he had had, and that while he prays he floats across the world.  My companion got really anxious and said that we had to go but asked the guy if he would pray before we left. The odd thing was that the old man prayed in Latin. After he finished my companion practically ran out of the man’s porch and yard.  When we got outside he explained that in the Philippines witch doctors use Latin and that that guy was a member of a really weird cult. It was definitely a different lesson. Now we just have to tell the member that he sent us to witch doctors house.... 
 Earlier today we had zone P-day and went to this neat restaurant called Isdas, it was amazing. There were huge statues all over the place that we took lots of funny pictures by them. There is a gorilla that is 50ft tall! I’ll have to send pictures in my next email because the computer I am using today is super slow. 
 That about all for this week! 

 Mahal Kita
   Elder Merrill  

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