Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taal Volcano Oct. 20

Kamusta Everybody,

   Sorry that I didn’t get chance to email last week and that I am writing a day later than usual.  We went on a hike on our last P-day to Taal Volcano and by the time we got back there wasn’t much time to write e-mails. It is still an active volcano so we could see smoke coming out of the cracks in the ground as we hiked up.  Then this week we had zone interviews so I didn’t get to e-mail on my usual day.  Time goes by fast and seems so short! But we’ve had a great couple of weeks. 

 First off conference was great! I really liked the Talks by President Uchtdorf as well as Elder Robbins. We are also excited because Elder Robbins will be coming to our mission next week! 

  In our work this past week I have really learned a lot about faith and blessings.  We have been trying to help our investigators recognize the blessings they have received through acting on faith. We have also been trying to help them understand that as soon as they make the decision to be baptized they need to have the faith to stay true to their commitment and then the choices become easier.

  I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week!


 Elder Merrill

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