Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct. 5, 2014

Magandang Araw sa inyo lahat!
  This past week has been good..time seems to be moving fast, but we have been enjoying every moment.
 We had a great district meeting on Wednesday. Sister Cox, who finished her mission this last week, gave a really good workshop about the Book of Mormon. She testified about how it has changed her life and the lives of the people she has met on her mission. I really liked the approach that one of the sisters used for street contacting that she talked about. She says that she just asks people if they know what Mormon’s means and then tells them about the Book of Mormon.
 Then on Friday we had the Baptism of Roleine. Her family had been baptized back in August but she felt that she wasn't ready to be baptized because she liked how exciting the Born Again Church seemed. We focused on the Book of Mormon with her and after reading in 3 Nephi she was really excited to get baptized. After her Baptism she bore a great testimony about the Book of Mormon and how it has changed her life. With the past two baptisms that we have had I have really seen how little we, as missionaries,  actually do to help people change…all we really do is help them see the importance of the Book of Mormon so that they can feel the Holy Ghost and begin their conversion.
 Last night I was invited to give a lesson at a youth fireside. I brought a suitcase with things in it that you need to be able to serve a mission, Journal, Scriptures, Clothes, PMG etc.. and then we talked about things that we can’t pack in a suitcase that we need, such as a testimony and experiences living the gospel.  We also read from the talk Becoming a Missionary.
 Hopefully everyone had a great week, I am excited to watch Conference this weekend! 

Elder Merrill

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