Monday, October 27, 2014

Frozen - Oct. 26, 2014

Kamusta Everybody,

This past week has flown by! We had zone interviews last week and our P-Day was changed from Monday to Tuesday. On Wednesday we had a really good district meeting where one of the sisters gave a talk and said "that we should never drop members". 

That quote really jumped out at me and made me realize how there are a lot of less actives in our area who we haven't been giving enough effort to help.  So in trying to apply that thought, we focused this week on one of the young men in the ward who has not been active.  His siblings and his mom are all active but his Dad passed away several years ago. After visiting him a few times he told us about how he is embarrassed to go to church because of the other guys on his basketball team and how there is one member at church he doesn't want to talk to.  We helped him remember the importance of the sacrament and he committed to come to church.  Sunday morning we went and picked him up and as we were walking to church with him all of the teenage boys were laughing at him and saying rude things. The young man just ignored them and kept walking. I was really amazed by how he didn't get upset but just did what he knew was right.  It also gave me insight on how it isn't always easy to what the Lord wants us too.

We had a funny thing happen this week when we were trying to teach one of the Filipino Elders how to use the toaster.  One morning he looked really confused and asked why, when he pressed the frozen button, the bread was still hot. We explained how it doesn't freeze the bread… it just goes longer if the bread is frozen  :)

I hope everyone has a great week!

 Elder Merrill

I’ve attached some picture of the Taal Volcano we went to last week, a funny “English” sign and my district.  

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