Monday, January 27, 2014

Basket Weaver

Kamusta Everybody!
   This past week has gone pretty well! We have seen really great progress with a lot of our investigators and we’ve also done some fun service projects.
    It has been great because the Masaoay family will be able to get baptized soon. Last month Brother Masaoay was working in construction and couldn’t attend church. However, he has now decided he wants to start his own restaurant.  His wife has also been listening to the discussions, and so they have been attending church as a family. 
  We also found a new investigator who is 76. It is absolutely amazing because he can read! Most people here over the age of 60 can’t see very well but he can even read the small print in the pamphlets. We gave him a Book of Mormon and by the next day he had already read 3 chapters. 
 On Saturday we helped one of our investigator families weave baskets. I thought that it wouldn't be too hard but in reality it was REALLY difficult…. the stupid leaf things break easy and then you have to tie them together so it doesn't look ugly. I think she appreciated our help and hopefully the company that sends that baskets to America will buy mine. So if at Pottery Barn you see a woven basket that isn't too pretty it could be the one I made. :)
 Then earlier today we helped a family go and cut down bamboo to build a house. We went to some land that their friend owns directly behind the huge cemetery here and cut down the bamboo.  We also drank some buko juice and made some neat straws out of the smaller bamboo pieces that worked really well. I have been impressed with how intuitive the people here are. They can survive off the land for everything that they need. 
 Well thats about all for this week! We'll see if I get transferred this week or not!
   Mahal Kita
      Elder Merrill

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