Monday, January 13, 2014

American Made

Kamusta Everybody!

 This week has gone really well! We’ve been working with a lot of our members and have found some new investigators that are really interested. 

 One of the members in our ward who had been sick with cancer passed away this week. We went and visited the family and tried to help with the preparations. Here in the Philippines if somebody dies, they keep the body at the house for 3 days and people come and visit. Some of the people gamble and they play games and have food. It is kind of  like a party. Then for the funeral itself we all walked to the cemetery  and watch as the people put the coffin in the ground and then cover it in concrete. The funeral itself is really bleak but the Plan of Salvation gives us all hope and knowledge death isn't the end. 

 We also helped one of our members make coal, which is a really dirty job. After the wood/coconut shells sat for a few days and burned we helped him pack it all into bags. It wasn't too hard of work but by the time we were done there was a big crowd of people watching the guwapo (American) bag coal. He sold the bags for a little bit more than usual and told people it was because it was "American made”.

 Other than that not much happened this past week. Earlier we went and found a spot for a hike next week so I will send some pictures next Monday. It should be a lot of fun.

 I hope everyone has a great week and is doing well!

  Mahal Kita

     Elder Merrill

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