Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013


I leave on Monday Morning! I've attached some pictures with my zone that's leaving, my teacher with myself and my companion, and several with my BYU buddies (Spencer, Josh, Aaron, Stephen, and Russell) and one with Elder Mamau (the elder I told you about from that small island in the South Pacific). This past week hasn't been too eventful, mostly just getting ready to leave. I’m really excited to be in Tokyo for a little while. With our two practice investigators this week we challenged and got them both to be baptized! It was really exciting and a good way to end the MTC experience.

Thank you for sending the picture of me at the broadcast. I really enjoyed participating in the choir and it was a great experience to be there.  We were also able to see many of the apostles which was exciting! All of the doors to the building require an ID to get in so when I saw Elder Christopherson walking up to the door, I jumped up and opened it from him and got to shake his hand which was cool; I also saw and waved to Elder Ballard and Anderson as they drove by. The announced technology changes are neat and I am curious to see how we’ll use them in my mission. The teachers here have said that everyone in the Philippines has smart phones, and a TV, even if they live in a hut. 

On Tuesday we got to listen to Janet Kapp Perry. She was the speaker for our devotional. Grandma Brock would have really liked it. She sang her family song for us and we got to be the first to see and sing her new rendition of the EFY Medley “As Sisters in Zion” and the “Army of Helaman”. It was a great experience. Her husband was also really funny. She was telling the story of how they met…..she was in the same music class at BYU with him, and she was getting ready for an instrument playing test and  he said to her " your lips look like they were made for something better than playing the clarinet."As she was telling the story he jumped up from his seat off the stand and kissed her. We all got a good laugh. Later on when she was singing the family song he got up and danced.

  Mahal Kita
    Elder Merrill

P.S.  Thank you Aunt Cindy for the rice krispie treats!! 

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