Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Kamusta Everybody!
 The past few weeks here have gone really well! We have gotten adjusted to our area and have been building a pretty good teaching pool. We have been focusing on the less active priesthood holders. It’s been a little bit difficult because there is a big group of them that are all friends, and they are all waiting for the others to come back to church before they do.

 This past week we had our zone Training meeting and there was also the area broadcast. Both meetings were really focused on goals. In our zone training meeting we talked about the desires of our hearts. Desires are what we prioritize, and are manifest in our choices and actions. I think we often have lots of wishes but sometimes don't act to make them happen. In the area broadcast there was a really good quote I liked about making sure that our goals are focused on the plan of salvation, it motivated me to try and make more of my goals and desires centered on the gospel this year. Sometimes spiritual goals are hard to measure, but they yield the most lasting results.

It has been fun re-experiencing with Elder Nikau all of the unique things here int he Philippines; trying new foods, learning the language and one of the highlights of the past week, getting chased by a very large crazy lady asking for money. 

 Hopefully everyone is doing really well!

Elder Merrill

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