Monday, December 15, 2014

Typhoon Ruby

Kamusta Tropa!
Sorry it has been several weeks since I last emailed. A few weeks ago there wasn't enough time and last week our email time got cut short due to the typhoon.  As missionaries and members we were well prepared, the fear was for those who weren't. The suspense of waiting for the storm was unnerving, I think suspense is certainly the worst kind of fear.  The storm passed through on Monday and we were blessed that it wasn't strong, just heavy rain and some wind. 
The weather on Friday was really nice and it didn't seem like there was a typhoon at all. That day we actually had a few really great lessons about the second coming. If we are prepared we have nothing to fear but we feel anxious for those who aren't well prepared, even though they know it’s coming. We also talked about how we need to strengthen our spiritual foundation, just as we need to strengthen the foundation of the roof for the storm. You can never be too prepared.
Other than that we have been having a great time teaching about the Savior as we prepare for Christmas. Our mission president challenged us to read the Four Gospels. I finished last week, and  as I have come to better understand His love for me I feel anxious to help others feel the same. I think it is no coincidence that after the four gospels there is the book of Acts. Just like the apostles, as we come to know the Savior we should act and share the gospel with others. 
 I hope everyone is doing well!

 Elder Merrill

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