Monday, June 2, 2014

Coconut Shell Mops

Kamusta everybody,

   This past week has gone really well.  On Tuesday we were able to go to a special meeting in San Pablo were Elder Craig C Christenson, one of the Presidents of the 70, came and spoke to us. He gave a really good workshop about prayer.  He talked to us how about when we really make prayer a mental exercise and try to gain the spirit before we begin to pray that we can receive clear answers and also know the things to ask for while we pray.

  We also had a great experience teaching two of our new investigators named Joy and Joan this past week. Joy is deaf and doesn’t know sign language or how to read very well, but she is good at reading lips. The young women in the ward all like her and she even attended the youth camp last week.  She always looks really interested when we teach her mom but she can’t understand very well. On Wednesday we bought a small whiteboard and drew out some of the principals in lesson 1 and she completely understood! She was really excited and we could tell that she felt the Spirit.

  We also have two little boys Jericho and Daniel that should be getting baptized this Saturday. Their mom used to be less active but she’s now come back to church and is excited for her kids to become members.  They are 10 and 8 and are fun to teach. They understand everything we say and don’t let on how much they already know. When we practiced the interview with them and asked about the law of chastity all they said was “bawal maging backla” or “don’t be gay”. The former Branch President was with us and laughed a bit and said that at least they know about that part. Then he did a really good job explaining the rest of the law of chastity in little boy terms.

  Other than that not much has happened. This morning we went and toured the really big Catholic Church here. It is 200+ years old and had lots of interesting paintings and stuff inside.  We also helped a member wax the floor of her classroom with coconut shells.  It worked surprisingly well! 
I hope everyone has a great week!

  Elder Merrill

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