Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

Kamusta Everybody!

  This past week has been really good! We’ve been super busy but that is a good thing! We taught a ton of lessons and have baptisms lined up every week for the next month!
  One of the great people we have been teaching is brother Andy. He is the father of Linmark (my convert here). He just got back from Manila and he is amazing. We taught him lesson one an Wednesday, and he said he will become a member, "where my sons are there I want to be too" is what he said. Then on Thursday he had read all the way to 1 Nephi 4, and the Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and prayed and knows the message is true. When we got there he was really studying the scriptures. He had a notebook out, a highlighter and a small New testament. Then on Friday he read to chapter 10 and the lesson 3 pamphlet and asked me is I had a bible he could have so he can use all of the cross references! I was amazed! He has been listening to us for less than a week and is already a gospel scholar. I was also really happy at church because all of our investigators attended and some of their families! We should even have a baptism this Saturday!
 Other than that not much too exciting has happened! Just long days and good memories. 
 The one funny story that I have is that on Saturday we finished teaching one of the investigator at the church and one of the young women had to go home but didn't want to go by herself because it was dark and she lives up the mountain. So we along with our investigator Joey walked her home. It had been raining all that day so it was super muddy! Ankle deep, plus it was really dark and we couldn't see. We got her home ok but then on the way back I slipped and went for a little slip and slide down the mountain... I was covered in mud but we just laughed about it and we went home. The problem was that on the way home I remembered that the water district was doing "work" and we hadn't had running water all day. We had showered that morning at the ZLs. So when I got home there still wasn't water. Heavenly Father answers our prayers and right when we got home it started to pour rain. I just hope that our neighbors didn't see the American missionary dancing around in the rain trying to clean himself off while wearing slacks and a white shirt... Luckily on Sunday the water came back on. 
 Well yun lang (that’s all) for this week! I hope everyone is doing great and you have a good Thanksgiving! 

 Elder Hayden Merrill

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